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How workers compensation insurance can help protect both you and your employees

Workers’ Compensation insurance from Laine Insurance is an important form of protection for both employers and employees here in Colorado. Not only can it provide financial help to employees if they are injured on the job, but it also serves to protect employers from liability in the case of employee injury or death.

Benefits of this vital coverage

If an employee is injured while on the job, workers’ compensation insurance will cover medical expenses and a portion of lost wages. This gives employers peace of mind that they won’t be held responsible if an employee sustains an injury while at work, as well as providing coverage for any medical costs related to the injury. In addition, this coverage option can also provide death benefits to families of workers who die in a work-related incident. 

In addition to protecting employees, workers’ compensation can provide reassurance for employers that they won’t be held liable in a lawsuit resulting from an employee injury. Without this type of coverage, companies could face potentially devastating damages that could put them out of business. 

Overall, workers’ compensation insurance is beneficial for both workers and employers alike by providing financial assistance and protection from potential lawsuits. It’s essential for businesses to have this kind of coverage in place in order to protect themselves from legal action and ensure their employees are taken care of after a workplace accident or illness.

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