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What if My Homeowners Insurance Claim is Denied?

Nothing can be more frustrating and upsetting than having your Colorado home incur some type of damage, and then you file a claim through your homeowners’ insurance policy, only to have it denied. Unfortunately, not every homeowners’ insurance claim is going to be approved, but having yours denied can be like a blow. So, just what do you do if you’ve filed a legitimate claim, and it was denied? 

Read the Explanation for the Denial

Your insurance company is likely to either contact you by email or by regular mail with the denial letter. This letter will contain a thorough explanation as to why your claim was denied, as well as what you can do about it. 

Contact Your Agent

If you want further clarification as to why your claim was denied, your agent can provide that for you. The agent can also explain what steps you need to take to possibly get your claim approved. 

File an Appeal

Each time your insurance company makes a decision, it is always your right to file an appeal if you don’t agree with their decision. By filing an appeal, you’re forcing your insurance company to revisit your claim and reconsider it. It’s a good idea to submit supporting documents, if possible, such as police reports, photos, etc.

Reach Out To Us

Instead of becoming upset because your homeowners’ insurance claim was rejected, you should take action. Whether you decide to appeal or request mediation, chances are you’ll eventually get the results you’re looking for. If you live in Colorado and you’d like to find a new insurer, give us a call at Laine Insurance. At Laine Insurance, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy, and we make the claim process easy. Contact us today for a quote, and one of our licensed agents will be happy to assist you.