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What are Common Motorcycle Insurance Exclusions?

The State of Colorado enforces stringent regulations for motorcycle drivers, mandating them to have insurance policies that cover minimum bodily injury and property liability requirements. While insurance providers typically pledge to cover liabilities resulting from motorcycle operations, certain exclusions apply in specific situations. If you reside in Colorado and seek clarification regarding insurance nuances, including policy exclusions, the team at Laine Insurance is at your service.

Identifying Common Motorcycle Insurance Exclusions

Insurance premiums for motorcycles are grounded in specific assumptions and calculated risks. Therefore, insurance policies normally exclude coverage for accidents resulting from high-risk or illegal activities. Each insurance company can demarcate behaviors excluded from their policies. Thus, it is crucial to review these exclusions with your agent. Standard exclusions typically encompass riding activities such as:

  • Riding Recklessly
  • Engaging in illegal activities
  • Operating under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances
  • Intentional damage to others’ property
  • Participation in organized races or timed events
  • Intent to cause injury to oneself or others
  • Transporting passengers or delivering products commercially

Notably, your insurance policy must specify authorized users of your motorcycle, while lending your bike to unlisted individuals could invalidate your coverage.

Your policy should articulate its exclusions; consult your agent to understand and accept them. If such exclusions aren’t acceptable, your agent might recommend alternatives or supplementary policies, like race day or commercial vehicle policies.

Laine Insurance: Your Partner for Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

At Laine Insurance, we serve the Colorado community with comprehensive motorcycle and other insurance services. Please drop by our office or call us at 719-696-7923 for further assistance.

How can motorcycle insurance in Colorado protect someone?

A motorcycle in the state of Colorado can be a great mode of transportation. During the warmer months of the year, they can be a lot of fun to drive. If you are looking to purchase a motorcycle, you also need to get a proper motorcycle insurance policy. This insurance will protect you in a variety of helpful ways. 

Reduce Liability Risks

A way that you can be protected by your motorcycle insurance plan is by receiving in financial damages that come with a liability claim. When you are looking to buy a motorcycle and use it regularly, there will be a risk you could be at fault in an accident. In these situations, you will have to cover the damages that are caused. However, if you do get a motorcycle insurance plan, you will have support so you can cover these costs. This coverage is also required by state law.

Protect Your Motorcycle

You will also want to get a motorcycle insurance plan so you can protect your motorcycle. Buying one of these vehicles can be quite expensive and take a big investment. Fortunately, you are able to protect this investment and asset if you get a proper motorcycle insurance plan. This coverage will offer support so you can replace or repair it in the event you are a victim of theft or accident damage. 

Reach Out To Us

It is always a good idea for people in the state of Colorado to get motorcycle insurance when they are going to purchase one of these vehicles. If you would like to get a new motorcycle insurance plan here, you should call our team with Laine Insurance. When you call our team with Laine Insurance, we can help you assess your needs and build a new complete motorcycle insurance plan.