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RV Insurance Recommended for Homemade Campers

Laine Insurance, serving Colorado, has some excellent news for RV travelers. You can acquire insurance for your homemade camper. 

We can help you find the right coverage for your unit. However, we have to follow protocol. Keep in mind that different Colorado counties have their own rules. 

Here’s an example of regulations from Pitkin County:

According to Pitkin County, a homemade trailer does not have a VIN. It also weighs less than 2000 pounds. RV users must obtain a trailer identification number before using it like an RV. 

Issuance of insurance requires several documents as proof. One of these includes a written statement you completed with the DMV. 

A weight slip and VIN inspection must also be performed, among other steps, for authorized use of your homemade trailer. Once approved, you will receive license plates and a title, which you have to apply for separately. 

Insuring Your Homemade Trailer 

When you insure your homemade trailer, you must provide accurate information about it. For instance, we ask our clients what kind of trailer it is, such as make and model. We also need to know how you use it and what its contents are. 

Frequency of use is another consideration. We will also take into account state-approved safety features in your unit. 

What’s Covered 

You may find some of the same coverage available for your homemade trailer as for a vehicle. Some include collision coverage, which can pay for claims after a crash. Comprehensive insurance may include coverage for storm, animal, or debris damage. 

One type of RV coverage may not fit all. If you’re unsure how to insure your specific unit, please get in touch with the Laine Insurance team in Colorado to learn more. 

Don’t Forget RV Insurance When You’re Exploring the Rockies in Colorado!

Local adventure enthusiasts know that cruising down the road in your RV is an ideal way to explore the majestic Colorado Rockies. 

The winding mountain roads of the Rockies can be challenging to navigate, so having RV insurance is a must when exploring Colorado’s rugged terrain. RV accidents can happen, and without adequate insurance, you may find yourself responsible for damages to your RV property or even bodily injury claims for more severe accidents. 

Laine Insurance Can Help Protect Your RV from Natural Disasters, Unpredictable Weather, and Theft

Colorado’s Rockies have unpredictable weather patterns, including sudden snowstorms, hailstorms, and torrential rain. 

Hailstorms and Severe Weather Protection

  • Hailstorms and severe thunderstorms can leave behind dents or scratches in your RV’s paint or siding. 
  • Water leaks and other damages resulting from bad weather can enter RVs, jeopardizing their structural integrity. 
  • Cracks and leaks in RVs are incredibly damaging and must be repaired by a licensed technician as soon as possible. RV insurance can help cover damages resulting from natural disasters like these and other unexpected events. 

Comprehensive Protection for Campers 

Theft of personal property and vandalism of your RV are concerns when your RV is left unattended for long periods — even when visiting some of the most upscale RV resorts and campgrounds.

Get peace of mind when you get comprehensive RV insurance coverage that protects your Motorhome, towable, or pull behind and your belongings from theft or damage. 

Laine Insurance in Colorado can help you choose an insurance policy that meets your family’s needs

Knowledgeable insurance agents can talk to you about the variety of policy coverages and add-ons like emergency roadside assistance towing insurance features that can provide you with even more coverage.