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Four Basic Commercial Insurance Claims You May Need to Make

Running a business can bring a few surprises routinely. It is just part of a business owner’s lifestyle. In these situations, you may need to file an insurance claim. These are four of the most basic ones for anyone who owns a business. A commercial insurance claim with Laine Insurance will recover losses and alert the insurance company to the situation.

Four Basic Commercial Insurance Claims You May Need to Make

1. Property damage claims cover damage to a client’s property. For example, you own a lawn care business. Your employee spills weed killer all over your customer’s prize roses by accident.  Filing the property claim covers the cost of the ruined roses. Maybe instead you’ve knocked a glass of water over onto your client’s phone during a consultation. Your coverage may pay for damages to or replacement of the phone.

2. Product liability covers any injuries a customer obtains through the use of your product. It covers medical costs and helps prevent being sued by taking responsibility for a product that is broken, has parts missing, or other issues that cause an injury.

3. Colorado nature and weather damage claims should be filed when weather damage occurs to your business property. Since policies differ on which of these are included, always check the fine print when filing a claim, 

4. Theft and robbery are claims most business owners make sooner or later. You might have had a shop break-in, with the thief making off with tools or merchandise. Perhaps an employee is stealing money. Filing helps you to recover money and property.

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Laine Insurance knows that even these four common claims can be stressful. We are dedicated to guiding business owners on what and when to file for any kind of business insurance claim in Colorado.