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Common Components of Home Insurance

Your home insurance policy from Laine Insurance protects your Colorado home in various ways. The general home insurance policy covers the structure and its contents under distinct policy types. It encompasses perils coverage, which covers damage from occurrences like fire, tornado, and wind. Also, these policies include liability coverage. Let’s analyze each of these coverage types separately.

Perils Coverage

All home policies include perils coverage. You select the degree of perils coverage you want, starting with a policy that covers the ten most common perils and ranging up to one that covers all perils. When you purchase all perils coverage, it doesn’t list each peril in the policy because it covers every conceivable peril, no matter how unique or unusual. Perils coverage applies to your home’s structure and its contents.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage applies to the entire home, yard, and everything therein. If someone sustains injuries while visiting your home and jumping on a trampoline, the liability segment of your coverage provides you financial protection by paying for the injured person’s medical costs and any settlement resulting from the injury.

Other Structures Coverage

Some home insurance policies include coverage for other structures, including structural and contents coverage for sheds, detached garages, workshops, etc. If your garden shed gets damaged by high winds and it also harms your lawnmower, this coverage settles for repairing or replacing the shed and the mower.

Let Us Help You Design Your Home Policy

You aren’t a cookie, so don’t select cookie-cutter home coverage. Let Laine Insurance assist you in designing a home insurance policy that fully covers your Colorado home and the possessions you store inside it.